Ciao World.
My name is Tomáš,
and in short, I am ...
the Digital Guy

I made my way through many roles from webdesigner to project manager to photographer. The point is, right now, I want to challenge my skill set with something coolAwesome projects, jobs, start-ups, and all other kind of opportunities are welcome.

I think young and creatively

Time is money and I hate to waste either. Thanks to the many roles I have experienced, I see the big picture and reality-check often, coming with fresh ideas which can challenge old presumptions. I love to fight the constraints by making them work for you instead. Do you have a sound artist instead of graphic designer for your 3D game? Let’s make it a dark and a sound-reliant experience then!

I am always striving not to only being efficient, but also effective. And proactive – I cannot stand just waiting for Godot. This means doing new things the company has never tried before when requested by the client and I feel confident enough it’s worth the risk. (this way SYMBIO has made the first bedsheet design :) I have the spirit for managing and strategic planning. Given a bold vision, I am a great team player.

I have read many books and studied hard, but to be honest, real life is the best teacher. Thus, my year-long diverse work experience in SYMBIO was the best I could get, followed by half a year of intense experience of foreign culture and international teamwork in the
University of Porto, where I have spent my ERASMUS exchange. Managerial Informatics annd New Media Studies university programs helped too.

I love to play around with game design

I have always dreamed about creating games and occasionally tried to make some, but it was New Media Studies that solified my decision. By February, I should have two games published – an android action scrabble and an atmospheric survival horror. And I cannot get enough of it, be it creating concepts, designing experience or actual graphics. Game is just too amazing a medium to miss out on.

I am also taking transmedia storytelling courses right now, so I am deadly serious with this thing, exploring how far game ecosystems can be taken with proper planning. Another reason to thank SYMBIO for some great experience.
My most recent aim is both to learn the basics of 3D modelling and implement those in Unity, as well as to finish and launch Crazy Words on Google Play.

Crazy Words: Android mix of Scrabble and Bomberman! (beta, in progress)
Children of the Sun: 3D survival horror done in Unity (in progress)
FEUP Nightmare: Unfinished platformer done in game-maker software Stencyl
Cockroach Salad: Multiplayer game done in Excel using VBA
Dungeons&Demijons: text-based C# simple arena game

I know where my light is

Do you have an idea what LARP is? Well, look into some of my galleries and I am sure you will have a good idea. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sure. But imagine what a picture with great story microsite could be worth. Feel free to take advantage of the fact that I am no longer just a photographer.

And don’t let this stop you. Video is here for the more demanding tasks. Though I am not a one-man shooting studio, my goals are not much smaller. I am armed with transmedia storytelling knowledge, eager to be part of an ambitious team working on unusually engaging experience.

I know website stuff from head to toe

I created my first HTML page roughly 10 years ago by the age of 13. Since then I have seen lots of trends pass by, created lots of websites, gathering related skills along the way. Though I have not used those intensively in the last year, I can still handle some HTML/CSS, Javascript,
PHP & MySQL and more…

Speaking of databases, I also shortly worked for IBM as a database specialist. But my main workload was Photoshop – mostly webdesign, but some other graphic & design stuff too. So far, the most challenging experience occured in SYMBIO, where I was handling lots of interdisciplinary tasks single-handedly.

There, I had chance to help with the whole life-cycle of a website, from the concepts and client presentations to the maintenance, newsletters and many innovative campaigns.
While a member of a small teams I worked for brands such as SKODA, T-Mobile, Lindt, LEGO and Disney.

I can persuade & sell

For several years I have been succesfully freelancing, which taught me a lot about business. For my bachelor degree, I studied Managerial Informatics which made my marketing knowledge official. I can even do accounting! :D And during New Media studies, I had an amazing course about Social Media Marketing which involved preparing a social media strategy for czech Vinted.

After successfully passing the course I did some Content management /copywriting for Česká Spořitelna. Also during my internship in SYMBIO I worked on several Facebook campaigns / Apps and managed a few pages.
As mentioned before, I hate to waste effort, thus I am used to analyzing available data and plan well before launching.

Besides Facebook I have experience with managing a digital campaigns and delivering many different types of assets for the campaign according to the technical specifications. I have also put a good number of presentations together, making sure that I can convey an idea so that it will be remembered.
When given a choice, I prefer being unique over being perfect.

Flexible & Self-sufficient
Proactive & Efficient
So, that's what I do
and mostly, I do that in the Czech Republic
But hey,
I love to travel,
and internet is fast, thus wherever you are...
here's my email (
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